Free bunny ears egg cosy pattern

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It’s nearly Easter! Time for a free pattern: this fun bunny ears egg cosy! As an animal lover, one of my favourite things about Easter is all the bunnies! We used to have a little white rabbit (cleverly named “Mr Bun Bun”). One year at Easter we heard children playing next door and so we held up Mr Bun Bun so his head was peeping over the wall. We then started throwing marshmallow eggs over the wall (some may or may not have landed in the swimming pool…). Well, the squeals of delight when the children saw the Easter bunny and marshmallow eggs raining down! Nothing quite like the sound of children laughing.

Another fond memory is of one year where my sister filled an empty egg (if you’ve not blown eggs before, it’s great fun. Have a look at a tutorial here) with jelly. What a surprise when I went to crack my morning boiled egg only to find it was filled with wobbly jelly! (A much preferred breakfast for a ten year old..!). This sweet pattern for a bunny ears egg cosy is sure to brighten up your breakfast table this Easter. Why not make a set of carrot top egg cosies too? (psst, the pattern is free!)



2.75mm crochet hook

Double knit yarn (I used a self striping rainbow yarn – Tiny Tots Rainbow stripes. This yarn is not widely available, so I have listed some other rainbow yarns below for you to try! You could also work your own palette and simply change colors as you wish)

Yarn needle for joining

Stitch markers (don’t have any? Why not make some upcycled stitch marker charms)

Need help understanding the abbreviations and symbols for Thoresby Cottage patterns? Have a look at my crochet pattern abbreviations list.

Read through my top tips for crocheting amigurumi before you start.

Suggested rainbow yarns:

Premier Home Rainbow

Red Heart Yarn Rainbow Brights

Stylecraft Merry Go Round

Lion Brand Color Waves Rainbow

Cygnet Kiddies Coutoure

Ears (x 2)

R1: Magic ring 6 sc

R2: sc, 2sc in next st, repeat around (9)

R3: sc, sc, 2sc in next st, repeat around (12)

R4: sc, sc, sc, 2sc in next st, repeat around (15)

R5: sc, sc, sc, sc, 2sc in next st, repeat around (18)

R6 – 8: sc around (18)

R9: sc, sc, sc, sc, sc2tog, repeat around (15)

R10: sc around (15)

R11: sc, sc, sc, sc2tog, repeat around (12)

R12: sc around (12)

R13 sc, sc, sc2tog, repeat around (9)

R14 – 16: sc around (9)

Leave a tail for joining to the cosy.



R1: Magic ring 6 sc

R2: 2sc in each st, repeat around (12)

R3: sc, 2sc in next st, repeat around (18)

R4: sc, sc, 2sc in next st, repeat around (24)

R5: sc, sc, sc, 2sc in next st, repeat around (30)

R6 – 12: sc around (30)

Sl st to join to next round and bind off.


Finally, join the ears to the cosy and you are done!



5 thoughts on “Free bunny ears egg cosy pattern

  1. Ronni Reply

    These are adorable! Thank you, I look forward to making them for my grandchildren.

  2. Debbie Reply

    Can you tell me what self striping yarn you used. Your bunny ear are just adorable.. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

    • caitie Post authorReply

      It’s a brand called Tiny Tots funky stripes, but you could use any variegated yarn to get a similar look. Have fun!

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