Spring flower digital illustration

Flower elements (small)-01

These lovely spring flower vector illustrations started out as a project for a graphic design course I did about a year ago. And now, with a little more time on my hands, I have finally managed to finish them! Since moving into our house (Thoresby Cottage) my husband has uncovered a love of gardening and we’ve had a huge amount of fun growing all sorts of beautiful plants – hence the inspiration for these illustrations.

I created these little flowers using Adobe Illustrator, which is a great tool for designing vector images. The nice thing about vector images is that they can be resized without losing information (i.e. you can make them nice and big and they won’t go blurry) which is excellent if you want to use the same motif in different places, such as business cards or wedding stationary. High quality versions of these flowers are available on my Etsy shop

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