Print-at-Home Baby Milestone Cards

Print-at-Home Baby Milestone Cards

You may have noticed that things on Thoresby Cottage have been a little quiet lately…well, this is because there have been some major changes afoot in our household with the arrival of little baby Moore! Before he arrived, I had a few days of maternity leave  (far fewer than I expected as he came early) and a chance to work on some digital illustration. What better a project than some cute baby milestone cards.The cards can either be printed out at home and photographed alongside your little one, or you can add a digital copy to your photograph. Each card has a unique design and is a great way to record each age milestone that baby reaches.

Baby milestone cards (mixed)
Baby milestone cards

Our dear Joshua is now nearly 7 weeks old. He is alert and inquisitive and certainly keeps us on our toes. The sleepless nights have been quite an adjustment, but are so worth it (particularly since he started smiling this week – heart-melting!). We’ve had so much fun recording his milestones as the weeks go by, and I’m so glad that we did; they really do grow so fast! Almost every day there is something new. I foresee many adventures with this little one.  If you would like to record what your baby looks like week by week, the baby milestone cards can be downloaded on my Etsy shop and are available in blue, pink or multi-color. I’d love to see pictures of your little ones, so feel free to email me a picture that we can feature on the Thoresby Cottage facebook page!

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