The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook | Crochet squares

Granny squares are such versatile creations. From classic to modern and everything in between, they can be used to make anything from blankets and garments to decor! The humble granny square is certainly not so humble.

Meteoor publishing (perhaps best known for their Zoomigurumi collection) and (a fantastic resource for crochet patterns) have just released a brand new book dedicated to the marvelous granny square: The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook.

This book truly is the Ultimate Sourcebook. It boasts 100 contemporary motifs from over 20 designers. And guess, what, one of those designers is me! My five African animal designs (pictured below) are included, and I’m thrilled! If you love these animal squares and want to add more patterns to your library, have a look at some of the other animal squares available in my online stores.

The cover of the ultimate granny square source book
crocheted animal squares, crochet elephant square, crochet giraffe square, hippo square, zebra square and lion square, in bright colors

The Ultimate Granny Square Source Book is just gorgeous, with lots of photographs, illustrations and tutorials (for basic crochet, joining and blocking). Each pattern is clearly written out with an accompanying chart too. Each pattern has been thoroughly tested all of the squares can be mixed and matched. With patterns suited to beginners and experts, this resource book is one that should be on every crocheters shelf.

Have a look over here to see all the designs that are included in the book.

The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook

Thank you so much for all your love and support!

Yours in craft,

The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook | Crochet squares
The ultimate granny square source book

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook | Crochet squares”

  1. So does that mean my preordered book isn’t coming until November 1st? Also I did the preorder but never got the email about the free pdf pattern that was advertised.

    • Books ordered before today are in the process of being packaged and posted! You should have received an email with a link to the PDF immediately after purchase. If you didn’t, please pop me an email and I will connect you up with the people who will sort it out 🙂


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