Crochet duck square pattern | Animal granny square

This is going to be a quick post. Just to let you know about the newest addition to the animal square collection: An adorable crochet duck square pattern! This little duck’s beak can open and close and he has the cutest tuft of feathers on the top of his head.

I’ve recently participated in a wonderful CAL (crochet-a-long) hosted by as part of the excitement around the upcoming release of the Granny Square Source book. All participants were given early access to some of my animal square patterns (lion, elephant, giraffe and zebra). I have loved all the creativity shown by members of the CAL.

Each person has added their own twist (like some adorable eyelashes on a pink elephant square!). We have had big squares and small ones. And so many wonderful ideas for what to do with the finished squares! From stationary pouches to blankets and bags. Adorable!

crochet duck square pattern

I can totally see this little crochet duck square pattern worked into a nursery blanket or cushion, or even as a little pocket on a toddler jumper.

I’ve so enjoyed making all these squares (you can see all the others in the collection over on the tutorials page) and you can expect more from me for sure!

Where to get the crochet duck square pattern? Head on over to my shop page!

Until next time,

Yours in craft – Caitie x

Crochet duck square pattern | Animal granny square

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