Pear and guava fruit leather

Fruit leather

Fruit leather-01

Every week we receive a box of seasonal mixed fruit and vegetables from a company that supports local farmers by distributing their produce. Each box is a complete surprise which is a huge amount of fun when it comes to meal planning! We’ve had a bit of a glut of guavas lately (as they are currently in season) and so I’ve been wracking my brain with what to do with them. Poached guavas are always a hit (have a look here for a recipe) but after a few weeks of that, it’s time for something different. Fruit leather is a fantastic way to preserve fruit and it also makes a tasty snack!

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Pot of pickled sweet peppers

pot of peppadews

I love growing things in the garden – particularly edible things! There is such a huge sense of achievement when a plant that you have been nurturing for weeks or even months bears fruit. I … Read more

Vanilla poached guava

Vanilla Poached Guava

Stewed guava top_small

Winter is descending on Cape Town and that means guava season! Guavas (also known as Koejawel in Afrikaans) were brought to South Africa by the Portuguese in the 19th century and have become a feature in many South African homes in the form of guava juice or canned guavas. I received a handful of fresh guavas earlier this week and decided to try my hand at gently stewing them. 

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Thermomix braided bread

Challah thermomix recipe
Thermomix braided bread


There is something so comforting about the smell of home made bread, but it can be quite an effort to make by hand and so I don’t often do it. However, now that I have a Thermomix, bread making is so much easier!  It’s simply a matter of chucking in the ingredients and letting the machine do (most of) the rest.  The recipe I’m posting today is for a simple Thermomix braided bread loaf.  This type of braided bread is also known as challah or kitke; and is a sweetened and enriched bread eaten on the Sabbath.

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