Boho summer flower crochet bracelet pattern

I’ve had so many secret projects on the go at the moment that I can’t tell anyone about, it’s driving me crazy. I just want to show them all to you! Seriously, my dining room table is full of really exciting WIPs and I’ve had to keep my lips zipped. Up until today…. I’ve been working on this particular project for a while now, and I can finally tell you about it, hurray! 

A few months ago, I was selected to take part in The Hook Nook Life Summer Maker Series;a collection of beautifully curated, summer-focused original designs, celebrating makers from around the world. What an honour to be featured amongst some of the most talented crochet and knit designers! Jessica Carey, the founder of The Hook Nook is carving out a space in the fibre community, celebrating uniqueness, reminding you of your worth and sharing some really beautiful patterns and makes. If you haven’t visited her blog before, go check it out!

crochet flowers

Right, back to my design. Those of you paying attention may be notice that I’m based in Cape Town, which is currently in the throes of winter. So, while I’ve been freezing my fingers off, I’ve had to cast my mind to the delightfully warm and sunny summer all you Northern hemisphere people have been bragging about to draw my inspiration. One of my favourite patterns  to date is my Spring Bunny Rattle. I love it’s whimsical nature and all the pretty flowers, and so naturally, something whimsical and flowery was just what I needed for this design submission. Those of you that have followed my journey will know that I mostly crochet amigurumi, so this is one of my  very first wearable designs. Introducing the Boho Summer Flower crochet  bracelet pattern!

flower bracelet crochet pattern
flower bracelet crochet pattern
Boho summer flower crochet bracelet
Where to get the Boho Summer Flower Crochet Bracelet Pattern?

You can purchase a low-cost, printer friendly version from my online stores. Also, because The Hook Nook is amazing, you can get this pattern (free!) on The Hook Nook website.

I hope you enjoy this pattern! I’d love to see your finished bracelets, so tag me (@thoresbycottage) on Instagram, or share a picture on Facebook!

Yours in craft,

Caitie x

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  1. This pattern is GORGEOUS!!!!! You perfectly capture spring in a bracelet, and the colors are all so cute! You are so creative and amazing… Keep being awesome! 😉


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