Itty Bitty Kitty | free Christmas cat crochet pattern

Some of you may remember my free Itty Bitty Kitty. It’s been a hugely popular Christmas cat crochet pattern and I’m so glad that you have all enjoyed it so much! I thought that I would add a festive twist to this much loved pattern and give our dear little kitty a mini Christmas hat. Enjoy this Christmas cat crochet pattern!

Hang him on the Christmas tree or pop him on the mantlepiece. Itty Bitty Christmas kitty is the sweetest addition to any festive decor and is guaranteed to delight your feline loving friends!

If you haven’t made a kitty already, you can find the original crochet cat pattern here, or you can purchase a low cost, ad free, printable version here.

Crochet cat with Christmas hat pattern

What you need for this Christmas crochet cat pattern:

2.75mm hook (or whatever hook you used to make your kitty, such as 3.25mm for a slightly larger cat)

A small length of red yarn (DK cotton)

A small length of white yarn (DK cotton) or a mini pom-pom or bell


Don’t forget to first make an Itty Bitty Kitty. Find the original pattern here. Or, you can purchase a low cost, ad free printable here

Christmas cat crochet pattern

Mini Santa hat

R1. Starting with red, mr 5 sc (5)

R2. sc around (5)

R3. 2 sc in next st, sc in next 4 sts (6)

R4. sc around (6)

R5. 2 sc in next st, sc in next 5 st (7)

R6. 2 sc in next st, sc in next 6 st (8)

R7. 2 sc in next st, sc in next 7 st (9)

Change to white (unsure how to change colors? Look here)

R8. 2 sc in next st, sc in next 8 st (10)

R9. sc around (10)


R1. mr 5 sc (5)

R2. sc in each st (5)

Slst into next st and leave a tail. You should have a flat circle.

To turn the circle into a pom-pom, using a yarn needle, weave the yarn tail in and out of the stitches of R2, all the way around. Pull the yarn tail to cinch the outer edge of the circle together to form a ball. Weave in ends. (See this tutorial for pictures of this step)

Christmas cat crochet pattern

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I hope you have enjoyed this Christmas cat crochet pattern. Please do tag me on Instagram, or share your makes with the hashtag #thoresbycottage. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! 

Yours in craft, Caitie x

free Christmas crochet pattern | Christmas kitty

12 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Kitty | free Christmas cat crochet pattern”

  1. This is my first one. I think it’s adorable and hope it comes out well. I’m concerned about putting the face on AFTER the cat is stuffed and sewn. Any helpful hints in doing this? Has anyone done it in reverse?

    • You can absolutely add the face on before you stitch up if you feel more comfortable doing that. I would put a lockable stitch marker through the last stitch (before you work the last round) so that you don’t drop any stitches. Add the face and then finish up.


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