Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Gift wrap ideas

I love wrapping gifts at Christmas time. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive task to make your gifts look spectacular. Have a look below for some of my favourite, quick and easy Christmas … Read more

Free crochet Christmas Tag Tutorial

crochet christmas tag tutorial

I’m not sure why, but in my neck of the woods, the tradition of giving Christmas cards seems to have dwindled. Maybe it’s because cards are pretty expensive, or because most people are very tech … Read more

Christmas giveaway!

be a winner

It’s a most wonderful time of the year! Thoresby Cottage is celebrating and would love to one lucky reader their choice of pattern from my pattern shop! To enter: 1.Like the Thoresby Cottage Facebook page … Read more

Ballerina mouse crochet pattern

crochet ballerina mouse

I probably shouldn’t tell other new moms this, but my dear little boy (5 months old already – time sure flies!) has been sleeping like an absolute champ which means that I have some time in the evenings to work on some new crafting projects.

The latest one came together so nicely and I’m delighted to share my ballerina mouse with you! Now, I’m no dancer (my sister got all those genes). I joined a dance class when I was younger and seemed to be more of a heffalump squeezed into a leotard a few sizes too small than anything remotely resembling a dancer. Have you seen that scene in Fantasia with the hippo in a tutu? Yep, that’s about right! I think I’ll stick to crafting…

crochet ballerina mouse
crochet ballerina mouse

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Pear and guava fruit leather

Fruit leather
Fruit leather-01

Every week we receive a box of seasonal mixed fruit and vegetables from a company that supports local farmers by distributing their produce. Each box is a complete surprise which is a huge amount of fun when it comes to meal planning! We’ve had a bit of a glut of guavas lately (as they are currently in season) and so I’ve been wracking my brain with what to do with them. Poached guavas are always a hit (have a look here for a recipe) but after a few weeks of that, it’s time for something different. Fruit leather is a fantastic way to preserve fruit and it also makes a tasty snack!

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