8 tips for crocheting amigurumi

Tips for crocheting amigurumi

This post contains affiliate links. So you want to start crocheting adorable amigurumi but not quite sure where to start? Here are some amigurumi tips to help you get going!   1. Master the magic … Read more

Baby milestone cards

Baby milestone cards (mixed)

You may have noticed that things on Thoresby Cottage have been a little quiet lately…well, this is because there have been some major changes afoot in our household with the arrival of little baby Moore! Before … Read more

Pot of pickled sweet peppers

pot of peppadews

I love growing things in the garden – particularly edible things! There is such a huge sense of achievement when a plant that you have been nurturing for weeks or even months bears fruit. I … Read more

Spring flower digital illustration

Spring flower digital elements
Flower elements (small)-01

These lovely spring flower vector illustrations started out as a project for a graphic design course I did about a year ago. And now, with a little more time on my hands, I have finally managed to finish them! Since moving into our house (Thoresby Cottage) my husband has uncovered a love of gardening and we’ve had a huge amount of fun growing all sorts of beautiful plants – hence the inspiration for these illustrations.

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Vanilla poached guava recipe

Vanilla Poached Guava
Stewed guava top_small

Winter is descending on Cape Town and that means guava season! Guavas (also known as Koejawel in Afrikaans) were brought to South Africa by the Portuguese in the 19th century and have become a feature in many South African homes in the form of guava juice or canned guavas. I received a handful of fresh guavas earlier this week and decided to try my hand at gently stewing them. This poached guava recipe is very simple and is great served hot or cold, for dessert or breakfast, or simply for a sweet treat.

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Thermomix braided bread

Challah thermomix recipe

There is something so comforting about the smell of home made bread, but it can be quite an effort to make by hand and so I don’t often do it. However, now that I have … Read more

Teeny tiny crochet dinosaur pattern

Tiny dinosaur crochet pattern

I think most children go through a dinosaur loving phase. Did you? I certainly know I did! My parents recall a scene where I was sitting with a pre-school friend in the back of the car … Read more