Free Father’s Day crochet patterns

It’s time to celebrate dads with Father’s Day this month! I find that there are so many crochet patterns out there for women and children, but not that much out there for men (other than the obligatory hat and scarf set). So I’ve scoured the interwebs to bring you some fun (and some quirky) gifts that you can whip up for your dad this Father’s day. Check out my favourite Father’s Day crochet patterns below!

Cozy crochet slippers

Keep dad’s feet cozy with this free father’s day crochet pattern for comfy (and durable) crochet slippers by The pattern gives instructions for a number of different shoe sizes.

Free Father's Day crochet patterns

Textured washcloth (great for the garage or workshop!)

While the picture of this project may not look that manly, this textured wash cloth is a wonderful gift for any DIYing dad. Why not make a few – they can be used in the garage or workshop to wipe mucky hands, to polish the car or wipe down after a gym session.

free textured crochet washcloth pattern

Moustache cosy

I just LOVE these multipurpose cosies by Yarnspirations. Very quirky and hipster. These cosies can be used on mugs or on jars or bottles and the blog post also includes a delicious steak rub recipe, just for dad.

Free Father's Day crochet patterns

Crochet golf club covers

These crochet golf club covers by Repeat Crafter Me are fantastic for any golf loving dad! Work them up in your dad’s favourite color and decorate with crochet applique or pom-poms.

Free Father's Day crochet patterns

Crochet wrist wallet

I love this reflective wrist wallet by Allie Cats Hats and Crafts. Also, this project works up very quickly and is super useful (particularly if your dad likes to go to the gym or out for a run). Here is another wrist wallet pattern.

Free Father's Day crochet patterns

Tie and bowtie set

Make sure dad looks really trendy with these free Father’s day crochet patterns for a skinny tie and bow tie set by Susie Johns.

Free Father's Day crochet patterns

Cable beanie

This cabled beanie by Luqy and Mary makes a super stylish gift for any dad. And don’t you think that the blue and grey combo is great too?

Free Father's Day crochet patterns

V-neck sleeveless jumper

There are so many knitted jumpers out there but very few crocheted ones for adults, so I was thrilled to come across these free Father’s day crochet patterns for v-neck sleeveless jumpers. Here is a stunning trellis work jumper by Lesley Arnold Hopkins

Free Father's Day crochet patterns

Crochet couch caddy

Such a clever idea by The Underground Hooker! This pattern is very easy to adapt for your dad’s favourite spot on the couch.

Free Father's Day crochet patterns

Tool kit

Is your dad a DIYer? If so, then this project has got to be one of my favourites – a crocheted tool kit! How gorgeous is this pattern by She Knows (#nailedit)!

Free Father's Day crochet patterns

Guitar pick holder keychain

Is your dad a guitar player? Then I think he will love this crocheted guitar pick holder keychain by This Bee’s Honey.

Free Father's Day crochet patterns

Once you have finished crocheting your special Father’s day gift why not have a look at some of these creative gift wrapping ideas. What are some of your favourite Father’s day crochet patterns?

Free Father's Day crochet patterns

3 thoughts on “Free Father’s Day crochet patterns”

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to make a last minute gift for my sons for Christmas (I was unable to make and celebrate before Christmas so trying to get easy fast nice things now) and the links for the wrist wallet are all dead and lead nowhere.
    Can you fix them please?
    I have been looking at your site today and see that you also have written a book for the 3D squares! I have been looking for those patterns and thank you for writing the book!


  2. Hi, Only just found your site. Love the unusual patterns. I’d be grateful for some more baby patterns.
    I’m dying to try Tunisian crochet. Just waiting for a long hook.


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