Sleepy sloth crochet pattern | Crochet sloth toy

Crochet sloth | crochet curtain tie back

So what was the inspiration behind my latest sleepy sloth crochet pattern? Did you know that sloths have the reputation for being one of the slowest moving creatures on earth? In fact it moves so slowly that algae grows on its fur often making them look faintly green.

As mom to a busy toddler, a sleepy sloth is most definitely my spirit animal at the moment. ‘Sleepy’, because, well, ya know… if you are a mom I don’t have to explain.

But in a nutshell, my days are fueled by lukewarm cups of tea and day dreaming about the mythical notion of “sleeping in” on a weekend. And ‘Sloth’ because while toddlers actually move incredibly quickly (you leave them in a room for 5 minutes and come back to more destruction than I’ve seen at a student shindig!), getting anything done with a toddler in tow is very… very… very…slow.

I sound like I’m moaning about having a toddler. Let me just set the record straight. While the adjustment to my lifestyle has been quite something, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Embracing my inner sloth and following my toddler’s lead has taught me to do what a sloth does best, and slow down.

If you or I were to walk down a street that we have walked hundreds of times, we would do just that. Walk. Walk with the intention of getting where we are trying to go. Walk from A to B and that’s it. Not so much with a toddler. We stop for everything. Every little bug or leaf. We wave and say hello to every person that we pass. We marvel at the sun and the sky and the wind. We make car sounds. A walk that would normally take 5 minutes can talk half an hour! Isn’t it a wonderful reminder to embrace every moment? To acknowledge the people around us and be amazed by the world we live in?

crochet sloth to tie back curtains | sloth crochet pattern
sloth crochet pattern

Sleepy sloth crochet pattern

The sleepy sloth crochet pattern is available at any of my online stores. This little guy looks really cute holding up a curtain alongside a cheeky monkey or crochet zebra, so check out those patterns too.

I’d love to hear what you think I should crochet next, let me know in the comments!

Yours in craft,

Caitie x

sleepy sloth crochet curtain tie back pattern

11 thoughts on “Sleepy sloth crochet pattern | Crochet sloth toy”

  1. I bought this pattern and am currently working my way through it — but I’m not clear on how to do the mask. Particularly, should I chain and turn between rows, and on the second row, which stitch is the “last” one?

    • The mask is worked in continuous rounds, so no need to ch 1 and turn between rounds! You can mark the first stitch of the round so that you know where to start counting, then work the number of stitches indicated at the end of the round (including increases etc) and that will be the last stitch. Hope that helps!

  2. I bought your sleepy sloth pattern, and I’m about to start crocheting it. I have a question about the arms: How do they stay wrapped around the curtain? Are they tied around? Or should I put a coated wire into the arms? Thanks

    • The arms are long enough to tie around a heavy curtain. I would caution against using wire in the arms as these little guys are likely to get played with and the wire could make it unsafe. Happy stitching!

    • Unfortunately I don’t sell the finished items, but you are welcome to purchase a pattern and pass it on to someone who can crochet it for you (if you don’t want to crochet it yourself! 🙂

  3. I was wondering if you had a pattern for a butterfly curtain holder. I really love butterflies and the more colorful and intricate the better. I’m just a mediocre crocheter but I’m up to a challenge if I love the pattern. Thank you Donya


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