DIY unicorn wand using yarn scraps

I made DIY unicorn wands for my daughters rainbow and unicorn themed party and they were a total hit. Everyone wanted to take one home (including the adults!). I used yarn scraps and felt that I already had at home, which meant that it was a low cost and low on waste project. Not only did the unicorn wands make wonderful party favours, they also doubled up as party decor.

One of the things I love about this project is just how customisable it is. Using different yarns for the mane gave unique character to each unicorn. And it was the perfect project to use up some of my yarn scraps!

While I used my unicorn wands as decor and party favours, setting up a crafting station to make your own wand would be a fantastic activity for older children. They would also be delightful tied to a gift.

A jar of DIY unicorn wands

Unicorn wand requirements

White felt (other colors would also look wonderful!)
Wooden skewer / dowl
Black sewing thread
Sewing needle
Washable fabric marker / pencil (optional)
Cricut machine with rotary blade (optional)
Colorful yarn scraps
Glue (hot glue and liquid glue)
Glitter fabric / faux leather / glitter / glitter glue
Ribbon / tulle (I used glittery multicolor tulle)
Chalk ink pad (I used the Versa Magic dew drop multi-surface chalk ink pad in the color Pink Petunia)
Small sponge
Unicorn template

Tips for making your own unicorn wand

  • Do a test with a scrap of felt and the glue you plan to use to make sure it sticks together properly!
  • Make sure that the felt you are using is not too thin as the skewer and yarn can show through
  • If you are using a skewer with a pointed end, use a pair of garden secateurs to snip off the sharp point. It is much easier to do with secateurs and it won’t damage your lovely crafting scissors!
  • Before adding blush to your unicorn, make sure to do a test on a scrap piece of felt.
  • If you do not have stamping ink, you can also use a felt tip pen.
DIY unicorn wand with rainbow colored mane
DIY unicorn wands with pastel and glitter manes

How to make a unicorn wand

Step 1: prepare the felt

Print or trace the unicorn head shape onto a piece of sturdy cardboard and cut it out to make a template. Using a washable fabric marker or a pencil, trace around the template onto the felt and cut out out 2 heads for each unicorn wand that you want to make. If your felt has an obvious right or wrong side, make sure to cut one of the unicorns in reverse!

If you have a Cricut machine, you can speed up this step! Simply upload the template below and cut out the felt with a rotary blade.

CRICUT TOP TIP: Stick a piece of clear contact paper or transfer tape, sticky side up on your fabric mat before laying down the felt. This will trap all the fluff from the felt and will help to preserve your Cricut fabric mat. Just make sure that the sticky tape does not extend beyond the lines on your mat as this will gum up your machine.

DIY unicorn wand using yarn scraps
Unicorn wand template

Step 2: add eyes

Next we are going to stitch on the eyes. Tie a knot in the end of some sewing thread, secure the thread at the back of the felt and sew a shallow ‘v’ shape with a short little stitch on the outer end for eyelashes. Don’t worry if the back is a mess, no one is going to see it! You can also do an embroidered knot or use a marker to draw on the eyes if you prefer. Make sure that one of the pieces of felt is sewn on the reverse side!!

Step 3: add blush

Using a small sponge, gently apply a little pink ink to the cheek area of the both pieces of felt. Allow a few minutes to dry.

Step 4: make the mane

If your wooden skewer has a pointed end or needs to be trimmed, I highly recommend using a pair of garden secateurs to snip off the sharp point. It is much easier to do with secateurs and it won’t damage your lovely crafting scissors!

Next, cut 10 pieces of yarn approximately 32cm in length. You can use absolutely any yarn! Fold the yarn in half. You should have one side that has a loop and one side that has 2 open ends. Lay the skewer on top of the folded yarn. Take the two loose ends, fold them over the skewer and feed them through the loop of yarn. Pull to secure to the yarn to the skewer.

If you want a curly mane for your unicorn wand then untwist the yarn strands once you have secured them in place on the skewer.

Scroll down to the video below if you need help with making the mane.

Step 5: Assemble the unicorn wand

Glue the felt onto either side of the skewer, making sure to cover the skewer fully. I prefer to use liquid glue as it gives me a little more time to get the correct positioning, but hot glue works well too.

Cut out a small triangle of glitter fabric or glittery faux leather and stick this to the horn. You can also use glitter or glitter glue for this step.

Tie a bow with the tulle or ribbon and stick it in place on the unicorn wand. Have a look my quick tutorial for how to tie the perfect ribbon.

Enjoy your magical unicorn wands!

Young child holding a DIY unicorn wand

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