DIY Rainbow party favor bag

My daughter is in a rainbow and unicorn phase at the moment and so of course, her birthday party needed to have DIY rainbow party favor bags. I really enjoy putting together themed parties for my children. It’s a great opportunity to do some crafting and the kids can get involved too!

Last year I made some reusable canvas bags for the party favors and they were so well received. With the help of my Cricut, I applied 3 three different types of iron on (silver, holographic and silver glitter) and filled the bag with chocolate coins and sweetie bracelets. It was a super project and the end result was gorgeous. The design for the treasure bags is available for free on my Cricut Design space profile.

I love that these bags are reusable. We have a few extra at home and they are used to store all sorts of treasures and trinkets.

Canvas bags  that say "my bag of treasure" made with Cricut iron on in silver, holographic and silver glitter iron on.

This year, however, I didn’t want to do anything too labor intensive, as in truth, this party snuck up on me as it is so soon after Christmas, and I didn’t have enough time to do something too intricate. I wanted to make something that was environmentally friendly but that also looked great!

For the rainbow party favor bags, I chose to use white cardboard popcorn containers as the scalloped edge gives the impression of a rainbow rising up above the clouds. Super cute! You could also do a whole range of colors, or even metallics. Cardboard popcorn boxes are really cheap and can also be recycled which is a big plus for me.

I printed the rainbow handles at home, but you could also use strips of colored cardstock or even get your child to decorate the handles in rainbow colors. I finished off the party packs with a small name label, attached with a length of left over yarn. All in all, it took me around 30 minutes to make 20 rainbow party favor bags.

Rainbow party favor bag requirements:

Cardboard popcorn boxes (I used boxes that were approximately 15cm tall x 10cm wide at the top)
Rainbow handle template (grab the free download below)
Double sided tape / glue

Requirements for DIY rainbow party bags include a cardboard popcorn box and rainbow handles

How to assemble your rainbow party favor bags

  1. Assemble the popcorn boxes.
  2. Print out the rainbow handles and cut them out.
  3. With the rainbow design facing upwards / outwards, stick a small piece of double sided tape on both ends of the rainbow handle.
  4. Remove the protective layer from the double sided tape (on one side only, otherwise you can get into a sticky mess!!). I used double sided craft tape to stick my rainbow handles in place, but you can also use regular craft glue (as long as it dries clear) or even one of those nifty tape rollers used in scrapbooking.
  5. Stick the handle to the inside of the popcorn box.
  6. If you are adding a name tag on a loop of yarn, slip it over the handle now before sticking the second side (trust me, it is much easier this way than trying to tie the labels on afterwards.
  7. Stick the second handle in place.
  8. Fill your rainbow party favor bag with treats!

Rainbow party favor bag resources

Click the button below to download a PDF for print at home rainbow handles. It is best to use good quality paper (such as matte photo paper) or cardstock for the most vibrant and sturdy results.

Other party resources and projects:

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