Gift ideas for crocheters: the ultimate list with over 60 present ideas

Updated October 2023

Gift Ideas for Crocheters

When it gets close to Christmas or a family members’ birthday, in our house, we always put out a wish list. I find it really useful in the search for the perfect gift! So, for you, my crafty, crochet friend, here is a list that you can send out to your family when your birthday is near.

Here is my ultimate list of gift ideas for crocheters!

And if you are reading this and you know not of the yarn arts, but are searching for a gift for your crocheting friend – I’ve got you covered!

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1. Yarn!

Yarn gift for crocheters, lots of colorful yarn

Ok, so perhaps this is one of the obvious gift ideas for crocheters, but we LOVE yarn. There is a reason why there are all those memes circulating the interwebs about how our yarn takes over the house. If someone buys me yarn, it shows that they really know me. One thing I would say, is try and buy more than one skein so that there is enough to finish a project.

How do you buy yarn when there are SO many options to choose from? Go with something fun, like glow in the dark yarn (or this bulk pack), or something fancy like a beautiful skein of indie dyed merino (I adore the ones from Nurturing Fibres), or a gift pack full of bon bons. If you are intimidated with buying yarn for a loved one (it can be pretty overwhelming!) then get them a gift card so that they can go on a yarn shopping spree.

Yarn blanks and dyes, or kits are also lots of fun. This one is currently on my wish list!

2. Crochet books

Books are always a welcome gift in my home. Some of the books that I’m really enjoying at the moment, or that are on my wish list include:

granny square source book

3. Crochet kits

I really enjoy kits. They have everything you need to make a complete project and are great for taking away on holiday. Here are some suggestions.

4. Unique crochet hooks

There are so many wonderful crochet hooks out there. Ones that are hand carved out of unique woods, or hand painted. Polymer clay hooks as well as a host of other designs, shapes and colors. There are even hooks with a built in light for those that need an extra bit of help to see what they are working on! One of my favourites that I have used is the Furls range. They are all hand carved or cast and are so pretty! They make wonderful gifts. If you want to purchase an extra special hook (these are on my wish list), then have a look at some of the gorgeous designs by Lotties Loops Ltd.

5. Crochet subscriptions

Skillshare is an online education platform that is just brimming with wonderful courses! From crochet to knitting, watercolor and more, a subscription to Skillshare would make the most fantastic gift. I have an annual subscription which I have really enjoyed.

Craftsy Classes
A voucher for Craftsy would go down so well, it is certainly on my list! Haven’t heard of it? Craftsy is this incredible online library of craft tutorials. There are tonnes of online courses where your loved one can learn new stitches and crochet techniques. They can also branch out and try a new craft like sewing or cake icing. All of the tutorials are of excellent quality and because they are online it means you can watch them whenever suits you.

Magazine Subscription
One of my favourite magazines is Molly Makes. This mag is such a treat! Not only does it have loads of wonderful crafty projects to get the creative juices going, each edition includes a fun freebie, such as a sewing project or pack of crochet patterns.

Gift box subscription
This is one of my favourite gift ideas for crocheter lovers, particularly if you want to really spoil someone. Want to combine a whole lot of carefully curated crochet goodness (including yarn, patterns, tools and more) all into one beautiful box? Why not sign up for a crochet subscription box? Here is a list of some gorgeous ones currently available:

6. Yarn bowl or holder

I have a gorgeous wooden yarn bowl (pictured below) that was given to me a few Christmases ago. I use it so much more than I thought I would! Even if I didn’t use it every day, they come in so many cute designs that they would make a great decor piece for your home office. Have a look here for a huge variety of Yarn bowls or yarn holders

Yarn bowl with pink yarn and scissors

7. Ball winder & swift

Both of these are luxuries for anyone working with yarn. I have the KnitPro ball winder which is a manual crank, but you also get electric yarn ball winders for those who don’t want to use a hand crank. A ball winder pairs nicely with a swift, which is used to hold open yarn that comes in hanks, while it is being wound into a ball. There are lots of different swifts available online.

8. Home made / personalised gifts

Stitch markers
If you want to go the extra mile and really impress your yarny friend, you could make them a set of stitch markers. My step by step tutorial will show you everything you need to know to make your own, custom designed, upcycled stitch markers.

DIY Stitch marker charms for crochet

Personalised tote
I love gifts with a personal touch. Consider looking at the gorgeous (and personalised!) totes from Kelly Connor Designs. Definitely on my want list!

Personalised crochet hook
Who wouldn’t love a personalised crochet hook?? How special! Have a look at some different options here.

Personalised tags
If you make crochet goodies to sell or give away, then a set of printable, customised tags would be such a treat! These tags can be printed at home over and over again, complete with your name and website (if applicable). There are also several different color palettes to choose from.

Or have a look at these lovely personalised leather labels from the Leather Goods Company. For fabric printed labels, I love these ones from Sew Many Labels.

Something crocheted by you!
If you are a crocheter yourself, you could also make a small crochet item to include in your gift. Consider how to make it personal (for example, by using their favourite color or yarn). Here are some free Thoresby Cottage patterns that you can whip up in a flash:

9. Yarn bags & storage

There are lots of different ways to store and carry yarn around. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Maker bags from Jimmy Beans Wool. There are a number of styles and colors to choose from, each with the yarn lover in mind. This is a great bag for taking your yarn out and about on your daily routine! They also have a wide selection of accessory organisers. I have the Buddy case and I love it!
  • Maykr is an Australian brand that specialises in products for yarn lovers. While I don’t personally own any items from their store, my eye is on the new crochet couch caddy! Their yarn bags also look AMAZING and are on my wishlist.
  • Barrel bag. These bags are sturdy and hold a whole lotta yarn and supplies! I take mine with me on holiday.
  • Individual project bags. These are so useful for storing each project separately. Check out the Oh Snap project bags from Jimmy Beans Wool.
  • Pretty tote bag for carrying around all your crochet kit.
  • Crochet hook case. I have the Teamoy hook case, which I love!
  • MyBagZing is an excellent yarn organisation bag with lots of space to keep yarn tangle free.

10. Stocking stuffers & gadgets

I’ve put together a mammoth list of stocking stuffer gift ideas for crocheters. Click on the heading for each one to see a picture of the gift.

  • Boye 4-in-1 crochet tool
    So this one is a great stocking stuffer for the crocheter-on-the-go. There are 2 different multi-tools, each with 4 crochet hook sizes. These are ideal for traveling and make a wonderfully quirky gift.
  • Yarn guide ring
    A nifty little ring to help guide your yarn as you crochet. It helps you to crochet faster and maintain an even guage.
  • Phone stand
    For the person (or business owner!) who loves taking pictures of their makes, the Olivia phone stand is a must!
  • Yarn snips
    I have a pair of yarn snips and I use them all the time! They are spring loaded so they are really easy and quick to use.
  • Decorative bag base
    Make a statement bag with a beautifully crafted crochet bag base.
  • Decorative bag handles
    For the crocheter who loves to make bags and pouches, there are so many different handles available, including modern wooden handles, classic leather handles as well as decorative vintage-look handles.
  • Seams hand cream
    This cream is made specifically for sewers, knitters and crocheters. It is my go to hand cream and it is beautiful.
  • Clover Pom pom makers
    Making a pom pom is so easy with this handy tool. They come in a variety of sizes, from teeny tiny right up to jumbo.
  • Amigurumi supplies:
    safety eyes, novelty eyes and noses, amigurumi pattern books
  • Susan Bates handi tool
    This is SUCH a useful little tool for both knitters and crocheters. It is a crochet hook on one end and a knitting needle on the other and is used to pick up dropped stitches, can be used as a cable needle, and is wonderfully useful for attaching fringe to projects.
  • Yarn cutting pendant
    Never scratch around for scissors again! These decorative yarn cutters are wonderfully sharp but safe to use and can be carried around easily.
  • Hook gauge
    A very useful tool that is a must in any crocheter or knitters stash!
  • Yarn Sleeve
    These little sleeves work wonders for tidying up those messy, half-used skeins.
  • Enamel Pins
    I ADORE enamel pins – they make such a fun addition to a project bag! Head over to The Clever Clove for some gorgeous, yarn related pins.
  • Crochet Hook Keychain
    Never be without a crochet hook with this quirky little crochet hook keychain.
  • Tapestry needles
    I don’t know about you, but a crocheter can never have enough tapestry needles. Whenever I need to weave in a pesky end, I can never seem to find my needles! My favorite are the Clover Chibi bent tips needles.
  • Wool Wash
    For those of you who use wool for your projects, a bottle of wool wash makes a great gift.
  • Crochet journal
    A great place to store all your project information in one, neat place. Plus, many of these journals have useful info like hook conversions and measurements.
  • Pretty Scissors
    A lovely pair of ultra-sharp scissors is a must for every crocheters arsenal.
  • Mini Measuring Tape
    A small, retractable measuring tape, that can be slipped into a project bag makes a delightful and useful stocking stuffer for crocheters.
  • Novelty Buttons
    Novelty buttons are so much fun to add to a Christmas stocking! There are hundreds of designs to choose from and make a wonderfully cheerful addition to a Christmas gift.
  • Dolly pegs
    Dolly pegs are great gifts for the crocheter who has lots of skeins of yarn in different colors and wants to keep color swatches.
  • Row / Stitch counter
    Keep track of every row/round and stitch with a little electronic stitch counter.
  • Crochet t-shirt
    For the proud crocheter – a crochet themed t-shirt
  • Stitch markers
    Stitch markers are always very useful. I like to use lockable stitch markers. If you don’t want to buy, you can also make some (stitch marker tutorial)!
  • Stickers
    Who doesn’t love some quirky yarn related stickers?
  • Blocking boards
    Blocking boards are on my wish list! These ones, here, are great as they come with rust proof T-pins and are marked with a grid for precise blocking. They are also heat and steam resistant if you prefer that form of blocking.
  • Knit Kit
    This is a fun little gadget that has been called the “swiss army knife” tool for knitters and crocheters. It has 10 tools in one! Have a look at this fun multi-tool.
  • Crochet Neck Light
    A hands free light for the crocheter who likes to work late into the night.
  • Faux Fur Pom Poms
    These are great to have in your stash, particularly if you like to make hats for the winter months.
  • Tassle maker
    Tassle making is so much easier with a tassle maker!

Anything I’ve left off the list? Please let me know if you have any other gift ideas for crocheters!

Happy gift shopping everyone.

Yours in craft,
Caitie x

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