Free printable Christmas gift tags

This post is all about Christmas and gift wrapping. And of course some free printable Christmas gift tags! I honestly cannot believe that we are mid way through December already. How this year has flown! And Christmas is just around the corner. How organised are you for the festive season this year? We don’t put up our tree until the week before Christmas (we actually went out and bought a real tree today!), but I’m already seeing lots of beautiful decorations up all over the place. I’m starting to get excited for the holidays and for teaching my son about Christmas.

free printable christmas gift tags

One of my Christmas ‘traditions’ is wrapping all the presents. I arm myself with a cup of tea (and maybe a mince pie)  armfuls of wrapping paper and all sorts of other crafty things like glitter, stickers, ribbons etc.  I like to crank up the carols and then get wrapping. When I still lived at home with my parents, I used to wrap all of their gifts too! I really enjoy taking the time to wrap something beautifully. You don’t have to stick to paper either. I once received a kitchen gift wrapped in a beautiful tea towel and tied with some twine. It was absolutely gorgeous! I’ve put a collection of some of my favourite gift wrap ideas which you can read about here.

I try and do a bit of a theme each year, whether it’s a color theme (like gold and red, or silver and blue) or a character theme like nativity or snowmen. This year I think there is a huge return to all things natural, so I’ll be sticking with neutral colors with a touch of green or red. I may even make a few crocheted tags.

So, since it is Christmas, I’ve got a gift for you – some  delightful and free printable Christmas gift tags! These tags are great if you don’t want to head out into the hustle and bustle of festive shopping because you can simply print them and cut them out at home. Voila! You can download the free printable Christmas gift tags by clicking right here. If you are looking for personalised labels, then have a look at these ones, available in my Etsy shop. Or drop me an email to discuss any custom work you may need.

Click here for printable tags

Hope that you all have a truly blessed Christmas and Holiday season. If you find some time to do some crafting, then drop me a note, I’d love to hear about it!

This is probably all from me until next year – onwards to the new year!

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